Retail Heritage

Hi all, I’m Ashley, owner of Magnolia Maiden Boutique on Dickson Street in Fayetteville, Arkansas! Let me share a little about how I found myself in the Northwest Arkansas retail world.

My dream of opening a boutique began, well when I was a child honestly. I grew up in the retail world & watching it basically my entire life, I knew that one day I would land back in it! My grandparents owned three stores, all general family apparel stores, so I was engaged in them since I was big enough to push buttons! They ran a successful business for 30 years until it was finally time for them to retire. The picture below is me at the age of five (I’m on the right side) in one of my grandparent’s stores having the time of my life! 

I’m originally from the “Magnolia” state, is that a coincidence in our name…nope! When the idea was first transitioning into a reality, I wanted our name to represent my history, my family, my heritage so being from Mississippi, of course it had to be Magnolia. The problem was that I could not figure out what in the world to pair with it to make it flow & have a boutique like inviting feel to it. With a lot of brainstorming & discussions with my husband, Magnolia Maiden was born! I have to give credit where credit is due, it was my husband who came up with the Maiden part! We moved to Arkansas when I was four & my grandparents & mother opened this third location in central Arkansas. My husband is originally from Northwest Arkansas & after many years of living in central Arkansas it was time for us to come home to Northwest Arkansas!

So here I am at 34 years old owning my very own! Being a boutique owner isn’t all glitz & glam, it’s the hardest yet most rewarding thing I could be doing! No two days are the exact same. I’m always challenged to learn new things, face setbacks, & come up with new strategies. We opened in November of 2019 with such a great response & we never expected nor planned for Covid 19, no one did! 

I am thankful to be here & part of this great community in NWA & like all of you, I count my blessings daily that our doors remain open & we have survived. Owning a small business is not your typical 9-5 job.  I am consumed all the time with our website, social media, in store tasks, employees, & the list goes on & on, but it brings me such joy & privilege to continue in my journey & my dream! While it’s not always easy, I wouldn’t trade it for the world! 

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